Jester Consulting is an...

Architectural Hardware specification writing service, working with Leading Architectural Firms in the Tri State area. We provide a wide range of finish hardware specifications for both new projects and renovations to existing facilities. All specifications are customized to meet each owner's requirements for there facilities. This includes matching existing finish hardware / security requirements and also includes planning and detailing of new finish hardware / security requirements for the owner.

Jester Consultant's staff has over 80 years of Door, Frame and Finish Hardware experience in the industry. In addition we have the ability to provide written specifications for wood doors, hollow metal doors and frames, FRP doors and aluminum doors & aluminum frames. As an added service, we will field survey existing facilities and meet with the owner's Security Director and Physical Plant Director to coordinate all finish hardware / security requirements.

The finish hardware specification will meets all local and state code requirements for fire, egress, and life safety requirements. This also includes all ADA Requirements. Finish hardware specification will also include all security hardware to be supplied by finish hardware supplier, based on owner's requirements.

A complete specification, including door number listing, and finish hardware sets will be supplied to the Architect, which will be issued with the bid package.

As a follow up to the project, we also will review and approve the hardware schedule submitted by the finish hardware supplier to insure the owner's finish hardware / security requirements are maintained throughout the project. A final field inspection to insure all finish hardware in installed correctly can be completed at owner request.